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  • The forecast of NMN’s Market trend in China


    The forecast of NMN’s Market trend in ChinaEdited by TinaWHAT IS NMN ?NMN is the precursor substance of Coenzyme I (NAD+) in the human body. The full name of NMN is "β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide", which participates in the composition of NAD+. NAD+ is an important coenzyme for cell energy conversio Read More

  • What are the current successful application cases of NMN?


    Known as the king of anti-aging world, NMN has been proved to have very significant application prospects in more and more fields. Read More

  • Which organs like NMN and which don't?


    Which organs like NMN and which don't?The synthetase and depletion enzymes of NMN also have tissue specificity:NMN is widely distributed in whole body tissues and organs, and exists in a variety of cells from the embryonic development period.Little is known about the metabolism and biodistribution o Read More

  • Sunrise industry NMN has a market value of up to 100 billion


    Sunrise industry NMN has a market value of up to 100 billionEdited by IvyAging and disease are two things those human beings cannot surpass. After all, human beings will enter the aging stage, become weak and weak, lose their youthful vitality and energy, and finally reach the end of life. David Sin Read More

  • The Application of NMN


    The Application of NMNEdited by GenaTo understand and judge the efficacy of NMN, scientific research and clinical trials should be taken as the basic basis. According to the literature available, the research findings of NMN efficacy are summarized as follows: 1. Support to generate NAD+In 2013, a r Read More

  • NMN: Introduction, Function, and New research on it


    NMN: Introduction, Function, and New research on itThe 21st century is a century of health and medicine, although health is not equivalent to medicine for many ways of keeping your real health. For this reason, we company prudently and meticulously investigate NMN (β-NMN, β-Nicotinamide Mononucleoti Read More

  • NMN and it's function


    Many foods also contain NMN, but the content is very small. According to the research paper, the dose of experimental animals is converted into the dose of human supplement of NMN: 8mg / kg / day.Take a 70kg adult as an example, the daily supplement of NMN should be 560mg. To supplement the same amo Read More

  • The Great Prospects of NMN


    The Great Prospects of NMN Editor:TinaNMN is not only academically prosperous, but also clinical trials one after another! Especially the three-phase double-blind trial of adjuvant treatment of COVID-19 shocked the world!The effect of NMN h Read More

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