How NMN makes you sleep well in science?

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How NMN makes you sleep well in science?

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According to the WHO survey, about 27% of people in the world have sleep problems. The global insomnia survey shows that 43.4% of Chinese people have experienced insomnia of varying degrees, and about 20.0% have chosen to use sedative and hypnotic drugs to solve the problem of insomnia.

With the popularity of NMN, more people come to know NMN for its anti-aging efficiency, true feedback from the users who have taken NMN is "sleep better" and "particularly energetic". So how does NMN make you sleep better?


An article published in iScience showed that the reduced bioavailability of NAD+ and SIRT1 may explain the shortened day-night cycle of elderly rodents.

Through the above schematic diagram of the biological clock, energy and metabolic pathways, we can see the principle of NMN improving sleep. Supplementing NMN can increase the level of NAD+ in the body, and NAD+ has a great relationship with the circadian clock. The interaction shows that the metabolism of NAD+ is regulated by the circadian clock, which in turn also has an impact on the circadian clock. In short: NAD+ can regulate the biological clock through SIRT1, which is helpful for sleep disorders caused by reversal of the circadian rhythm or aging.

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