The Application of NMN

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The Application of NMN

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To understand and judge the efficacy of NMN, scientific research and clinical trials should be taken as the basic basis. According to the literature available, the research findings of NMN efficacy are summarized as follows:

1. Support to generate NAD+

In 2013, a research team led by Professor David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School proved that after a week of oral administration of NMN in 22-month-old mice, NAD + levels in the body increased, and key biochemical indicators related to mitochondrial content and muscle function recovered, equivalent to 6 months old.

2. Activate SIRTUINS

In 2019, Professor Kane AE from the Department of Genetics of Harvard Medical School and others found that NMN is an important precursor for NAD+ synthesis in the organism. After it increases the level of NAD+ in the cell, it plays many beneficial effects (such as improving metabolism, protecting cardiovascular, etc.) are achieved by activating SIRTUINS.

3. Repair DNA damage

In addition to affecting the activity of Sirtuins, the level of NAD+ in the body is also an important substrate for PARPs (polyadenosine diphosphate ribose polymerase) PARP (poly ADP-ribose polymerase) is a DNA repair enzyme, that is located in the nucleus and is closely related to DNA repair under stress conditions.

In 2017, a research team led by Professor David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School discovered the mechanism by which NAD+ repairs DNA damage. With age, the level of NAD+ decreases, and the DNA repair enzyme PARP1 is increasingly combined with DBC1 (breast cancer deletion factor 1) to form a PARP1-DBC1 complex, which prevents PARP1 from repairing damaged DNA. Increasing the level of NAD+ will interfere with the formation of the PARP1-DBC1 complex, thereby restoring the DNA repair activity of PARP1. After one week of oral administration of NMN to radiation-exposed elderly mice, DNA damage was reduced.

The Japanese government has decided to officially launch a research project to curb aging from the 2017 fiscal year (2017.4.1-2018.3.31). It plans to include it in the national budget and invest a lot of money. As a pioneering project in this field, the NMN human application clinical research project has received attention and expectations.

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