NMN: Introduction, Function, and New research on it

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NMN: Introduction, Function, and New research on it

The 21st century is a century of health and medicine, although health is not equivalent to medicine for many ways of keeping your real health. For this reason, we company prudently and meticulously investigate NMN (β-NMN, β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide,) product.

The full name of NMN is β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, which is a naturally occurring bioactive nucleotide. NMN has two irregular forms and ISOMER is the active form of NMN with a molecular weight of 334.221 G/mol. Because nicotinamide belongs to vitamin B3, NMN belongs to the category of vitamin B Derivatives, which is involved in many biochemical reactions and closely related to immunity and metabolism. NMN Is widely distributed in daily food. Vegetables such as cauliflower (0.25 ± 1.12 MG NMN/100GM) and Chinese cabbage (0.0 ± 0.90 mg NMN/100g m) , fruits such as avocado (0.36 ± 1.60 mg NMN/100g m) and tomatoes (0.26 ± 0.30 MG NMN/100G M) , meat such as raw beef (0.06 × 0.42 mg NMN/100gm)is rich in NMN.    NMN can also be synthesized by endogenous compounds: 1 Molecular Nicotinamide and 1 molecular 5-phosphate ribonucleotide-1-pyrophosphate (PRPP) are catalyzed by nicotinamide phosphate ribose transferase (NAMPT or NAMPRT) to form 1 molecular NMN and 1 molecular pyrophosphate (PPI). The NMN, 1-nicotinamide nucleoside (NR) was phosphorylated to NMN in the presence of Nicotinamide nucleoside kinase (NRK).

Due to the powerful biological function of NMN, many products with NMN as the main component have appeared on the market. The main function is anti-aging health care function. The United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, Spain and other countries have related brands of NMN products. Such as the United States Jindawei Doctor's Best, the United States AGELESS, China Hong Kong light key, Japan Ashoko, Canada Realhouse, Australia Ezz, Germany Biotikon, Spain Drasanvi a total of eight NMN products, product purity, specifications, prices slightly different. The larger the size, the higher the purity, the higher the price. The specifications are: 60 tablets per bottle, 130 ~ 400mg per pill.

As adults grow up, the immune system declines, people are more likely to get sick, and it is harder to recover from seasonal flu or even Covid-19. Recent studies have shown that NAD + plays an important role in regulating inflammation and cell survival in immune response and aging. The study highlights the potential of NAD + in the treatment of immune dysfunction[ 1]

Statistics show that the proportion of adults infected with Covid-19 is disproportionate. The proportion of patients over 80 years old died of Covid-19 was about 13.4%, while in their 50s and 20s, 1.25% and 0.06% respectively. A recent Oxford study analyzed 17.4 million British adults, suggesting age was the most important risk factor associated with the death of Covid-19. Other risk factors include men, uncontrolled diabetes and severe asthma.

Treating "aging" can protect adults from Covid-19 and other future infectious diseases over the long term. A recent study has listed NAD + accelerators (such as NMN and NR) as one of the potential treatments. Other scientists also hypothesized that older people can benefit from NAD + longevity and prevent the deadly effects of immune hyperactivity.

We look forward to working with you to develop cost effective products and long term relationships with mutual benefit.

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