What are the current successful application cases of NMN?

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What are the current successful application cases of NMN?

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Known as the king of anti-aging world, NMN has been proved to have very significant application prospects in more and more fields.

At present, the clinical progress of NMN is constantly advancing, and the current progress basically proves its safety. The latest research in the journal Cell (the latest research in the field of life sciences), shows that NMN can increase the NAD+, which can extend the lifespan of experimental animals similar to humans by 31%. The physical strength and explosive power of the elderly animals taking NMN are higher than those of the same age without taking NMN. More than 60% of animals, even surpassing the level of youth.

What are the current successful application cases of NMN? Current clinical trials have basically confirmed the safety of NMN products. Although the current positive effects still need to be further explored in clinical data, it is currently a health care product that has important applications in some areas .

NMN is used by NASA for astronaut protection function. Based on the DNA repair capabilities of NMN, NASA (NASA) uses it to protect astronauts from cosmic rays and muscle atrophy caused by long-term floating. Previous studies have shown that the DNA loss caused by high-energy particle radiation in space can cause 5% of the body's cell death and accelerated aging. Based on this, NMN won NASA's 2016 iTech Top 10.

American NMN products have been recognized by many celebrity consumers. The global anti-aging market exceeded US$190 billion in 2019. As the global economy continues to grow and the average life expectancy continues to rise, the proportion of elderly people aged 65 and above continues to increase, the global attention to health issues continues to increase, and the market capacity of medicines and health products continues to increase.

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