NMN and Male Function(I)

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NMN and Male FunctionI

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NMN can effectively improve male function. The principle of this improvement is that NMN can increase the NAD+ level in the body, so as to achieve the purpose of soothing smooth muscle, improving testosterone and enhancing energy metabolism. This is conducive to the improvement of male sexual function.

NAD+ diastolic smooth muscle

As early as 2012, the University of Nevada School of Medicine published that NAD+ can act as a neurotransmitter to soothe smooth muscle cells.

NAD+ is released under the regulation of the brain, acting on platelet-derived growth factor receptor a (PDGFRa+), releasing calcium ions, activating potassium channels, releasing potassium ions, forming inhibitory connection potentials, and guiding smooth muscle cell relaxation.

However, NAD+ is consumed very quickly in this process. If it cannot be replenished in time, or lack of NAD+, it may cause difficulty in relaxation of smooth muscle cells and cause problems for male erections. As the age rises, the NAD+ in the human body continues to decline, making it more difficult to relax smooth muscle cells.

Therefore, it is necessary to supplement NAD+ exogenously to help smooth muscle cells soothe the smooth muscle cells.


V. N. Mutafova-Yambolieva, "Neuronal and extraneuronal release of ATP and NAD+ in smooth muscle," IUBMB Life, vol. 64, no. 10, pp. 817-824, 2102. 

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