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  • Natural Dyes vs. Artificial Dyes: Why Do Foods Need a "Makeover"


    The appearance of food is challenging to maintain for an extended period. During processing, storage, or cooking, the inherent natural pigments in food can change due to temperature fluctuations, moisture loss, or damage. This can result in discoloration, fading, or even loss of color. To address th Read More
  • Eating and processing methods of hibiscus flowers


    Eating and processing methods of hibiscus flowers Hibiscus is rich in protein, organic acids, Vitamin C amino acids, a large number of natural colors and a variety of minerals. Hibiscus acid contained in hibiscus is believed to be effective in the treatment of heart disease, high blood pressure, art Read More
  • The Rapid Growth of Echinacea Extract in Domestic Consumption.


    The Rapid Growth of Echinacea Extract in Domestic Consumption.The global consumer market for echinacea purpurea extract is typically concentrated in the counties like United States, Germany, France. In 2019, the sales of echinacea and its products reached to 120 million U.S. dollars in United States Read More
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