The Rapid Growth of Echinacea Extract in Domestic Consumption.

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The Rapid Growth of Echinacea Extract in Domestic Consumption.

The global consumer market for echinacea purpurea extract is typically concentrated in the counties like United States, Germany, France. In 2019, the sales of echinacea and its products reached to 120 million U.S. dollars in United States, ranked as the top two plant dietary supplements firmly.

Looked at China, compared to mature markets of USA and the European countries, our internal echinacea purpurea extract market has just begun, the size of the market is still very small, and with very low market recognition.

The usage of echinacea extracts in China started in the 1990s, though it was late for us, their rapid growth showing the upgrading of domestic consumption and their consumption concepts. A health, functionality, and safety products have become a new wave. As the outbreak of Covid-19, the sales of echinacea extract products had increased sharply as their significant property in immune support, the demand exceeds the supply on the whole 2020.

With the continuous improvement of market recognition, the application fields of echinacea extract have gradually expanded to the health products, food, feed, cosmetics, dietary supplements and so on. The common usages of echinacea dietary supplements include echinacea complex nutritional tablets, echinacea capsules, Echinacea drops, Echinacea candy and gummy. And echinacea has been successfully introduced in China, formed a certain planting scale in many places, like Hunan, Shanxi, and so on.

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