Main Functions of Hibiscus - Anti-oxidation and Lower Blood Lipid

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Main Functions of Hibiscus - Anti-oxidation and Lower Blood Lipid

There is no doubt that anti-oxidation is one of Anthocyanins’ functions. Research shows Hibiscus’s main assay is Anthocyanins. Its antioxidant capacity accounts for 51% of the entire Hibiscus calyx extract. Li Shengfeng studied the extraction process of antioxidants from the calyx of Hibiscus extract. Using 40% of ethanol as extractant, the ratio of material to liquid is 1:20 (g/mL), under the condition of 75℃ with 1.5 hour, the extraction efficiency of oxidant is 4062.51 units per gram of calyx; Moreover, Hu Taiping use Hibiscus extract and study its effect on Cu²⁺ with very low density lipoprotein (VLDL); It turned out that before VLDL being oxidation, the assay of malonaldehyde (MDA) in VLDL is sharply decreasing, while, the activity of SOD is sharply increasing. Therefore, the antioxidant activity of the hibiscus extract has a significant inhibits effect on Cu²⁺induced VLDL oxidation, so it has the prevention of cholesterol accumulation in the cell, that’s lowering blood lipids.

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