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  • Lion’s Mane Extract


    Lion’s Mane ExtractHericium erinaceus is also called Wool fungus, Hedgehog mushroom, Hedgehog mushroom, Monkey mushroom, etc. It belongs to the true Chemicalbook mushroom. A precious food, but nowadays, due to the domestication and promotion of artificial cultivation of wild Hericium erinaceus by hu Read More

  • Main Functions of Hibiscus - Anti-oxidation and Lower Blood Lipid


    Main Functions of Hibiscus - Anti-oxidation and Lower Blood LipidThere is no doubt that anti-oxidation is one of Anthocyanins’ functions. Research shows Hibiscus’s main assay is Anthocyanins. Its antioxidant capacity accounts for 51% of the entire Hibiscus calyx extract. Li Shengfeng studied the ext Read More

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