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1. The introduction of Roselle

Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) also known as Hibiscus is an annual herbaceous plant in the genus Hibiscus of the mallow family. Roselle is a tetraploid plant (2n=4x=72) that originated in Africa.Introduced into Taiwan in 1910, it has been cultivated in a large area in Guangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, Yunnan and other places in China, and is a tropical and subtropical cash crop with a variety of economic uses.

2. The biological characteristics of Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a dicotyledon plant with conical straight root system, and the stem color is divided into four types: red (Figure 1a), green (Figure 1b), purple red (Figure 1c), and red-green mosaic (Figure 1d). 

The leaves are palmate lobes, which change according to certain rules, and the leaf cycle is presented as ovate leaves-trilobed-pentalobed-trilobed-trilobed-lanceolate (Fig. 2); 

The flower color was divided into three types: yellow (Fig. 3a, B), pink (Fig. 3c), and purple red (Fig. 3d). The corolla is detached and spiral-shaped, with 5 petals, superimposed, born alone in leaf axils, and the peduncles are short; The anthers are yellow, yellow-brown, dark brown 3 kinds, bean-shaped, each flower about 60 anthers; There are two colors of stigma: purple and yellow; 

The calyx of rosette (Fig. 4) is fleshy, with 5-7 sepals, triangular, tapering, and inferior synphytic; 10-14 parasepals, attached to the base of the sepals; The sepals have a pronounced midrib, forming a pronounced ridge along the edge of the sepals, and on the back of the sepals there is a pronounced gland, the calyx gland (Figure 5a), which begins to secrete nectar on the day of flowering; 

Roselle capsules are ovoid, with a hairy surface (Figure 5b), 5-6 chambers per fruit, 4-6 seeds per chamber; Seeds are yellowish brown or grey-brown when mature, seeds sub-kidney shaped (Figure 5C), 1,000 grains weighing 30-40 g; The seed has a large embryo, with a bead hole at the tip, the seed umbilicus is diamond-shaped, the ovule is inverted, and there is a ridge-like band near the bead hole and the seed umbilicus, containing a vascular bundle, and the bead stem is curved called the seed vein.

Fig. 1 Morphological characteristics of Roselle stems

Fig. 2 Morphological characteristics of Roselle leaves

Fig. 3 Morphological characteristics of Roselle flowers

Fig. 4 Morphological characteristics of Roselle calyx

Fig. 5 Morphological characteristics of Roselle capsules, seeds and calyx glands


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