Therapeutic or medicinal value of Hibiscus

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Therapeutic or medicinal value of Hibiscus

Nutritional value:

Hibiscus is rich in protein, organic acids, Vc a variety of amino acids, a large number of natural pigments and a variety of minerals, fresh calyx contains Vc 0.93%, VB 0.21%, protein 0.45%, ash 1.34%, pectin 1.39%, water 87.86%, carotene 0.01%, starch 1.76%, sugar (by glucose) 2.55%, dried calyx contains total anthocyanins (pigment). 1% to 1.5%, citric acid and hibiscus acid and other organic acids 10% to 15%, reducing sugar 16%, protein 3.5% to 7.9% other non-nitrogen-containing substances 25%, fiber 11%, ash 12% and about 1% of the 17 kinds of amino acids. In addition, Hibiscus extract contains reducing sugars, glycosides, phenols, small amounts of alkaloids and resins.

Health effects:

Hibiscus acid contained in Hibiscus is considered to have a certain effect on the treatment of heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and other diseases. Rose ash extract also contains reducing sugars, glycosides, phenols, a small amount of alkaloids and resins, etc., has an antispasmodic effect on the intestine and uterine muscles, while also has an insect repellent effect, has an inhibitory effect on bacteria in the intestine, and promotes bile secretion, reduces blood concentration and stimulates intestinal wall peristalsis, which is suitable for cool drinks. In Egypt, calyx is widely used to treat heart and nerve diseases; in India, calyx, seeds, and leaves are used as diuretics, anticorbies, etc.; in Senegal, Hibiscus is recommended as a fungicide, anthelmintic and hypotensive agent.

Medicinal value:

The word "Roselle" originates from Cao Zhi's Roselle Endowment, Roselle Flower, known as "plant ruby", which has the effect of regulating and balancing blood lipids, reducing the body's intake of fat, slimming the body, enhancing calcium absorption, and preventing radiation and antioxidants. Taking youming farm roselle flower tea as an example, long-term drinking helps to reduce the total cholesterol value and triglyceride value in the human blood, and achieve the effect of preventing and treating cardiovascular disease and weight loss.

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