The efficacy and application of Rosemary Extract

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The efficacy and application of Rosemary Extract

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In early of United States, Japan and some European countries, Rosemary Extract was developed as antioxidant, which have been proved to be safe by toxicological experiments and are widely used in fats, oil-rich foods and meats, to keep the products fresh. At present, 30% of antioxidants are natural antioxidants used in the United States and Japan, mainly vitamin E and rosemary antioxidants. It is predicted that this proportion will continue to increase in the future, with an annual increase of more than 10%.

Natural polyphenol antioxidants derived from rosemary have the characteristics of high antioxidant properties, good thermal stability, low production costs and natural non-toxicity, avoiding toxic and side effects on the human body. Its products are widely used in various beverages, oral liquids, aquatic products, natural pigments, cosmetics, health products, cardiovascular drugs and various edible oils and oil-rich foods, there is a trend to gradually replace the widely used synthetic antioxidants, which is recognized as the best edible natural antioxidant in contemporary times.

Pursuing health and advocating natural food has become a trend in modern life, and people are becoming more and more anxious about the use of chemically synthesized antioxidants. In this way, the natural active substance-Rosmarinic acid (Rosmarinic acid. RosA), has been recognized by the US FDA as a "public safety food" and has become the new favorite, and will gradually replace traditional synthetic antioxidants and become the mainstream product. Rosemary extract is a safe and efficient free radical scavenger, which can effectively prevent the oxidative rancidity of oils and prevent fading or discoloration caused by oxidation. The antioxidant effect is 2-4 times that of synthetic antioxidants BHA and BHT. Better than Vc, 1-2 times of tea polyphenols, 1-2 times of TBHQ. Its structure is stable, not easy to decompose, and can withstand high temperature of 190-240. Synthetic antioxidants such as BHA, BHT, PHT, PG and TBHQ have irreparable defects and bring unsafe factors to food. Natural rosemary antioxidants have many advantages that traditional synthetic antioxidants cannot match.

Under the influence of the COVID-19, people staying at home have more and more obvious needs for the application of natural rosemary extract in food for anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion.

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