The Great Prospects of NMN

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The Great Prospects of NMN


NMN is not only academically prosperous, but also clinical trials one after another! Especially the three-phase double-blind trial of adjuvant treatment of COVID-19 shocked the world!

The effect of NMN has been continuously confirmed, and it has been enshrined again and again!

1. Academician Ge Junbo of Fudan University, researched that NMN is an excellent preventive drug for cardiovascular diseases.

Academician Ge said that NMN is a kinds of drug. It has great potential and prospects in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases! The article was published in Genes Diseases.

2.Professor Joseph Hill said that NMN can overcome heart failure!

The professor's research was published on April 22, 2021 in Circulation Research, which is a good news for patients with heart failure.

3.NMN may be the magical medicine for weight loss in the future!

NMN can accelerate material metabolism, including fat metabolism, and regulate the production and decomposition of fat. The latest article published in Scientific Reports on April 14th,2021 stated that NMN is an extremely likely means of weight loss, and there will be fewer and fewer obese people in the future.

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