Sialic Acid

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Sialic acid is an important sugar acid found in living organisms, including the human body. It is a disaccharide composed of N-acetylneuraminic acid and D-lactic acid. Sialic acid serves various crucial functions in biology, including cell recognition, cell adhesion, and modulation of the immune system. It is also present on the surfaces of many cells and molecules, playing a vital role in maintaining cell membrane integrity and cellular communication. Sialic acid has broad applications in medical and biochemical research, particularly in the study of diseases, cell biology, and immunology. Its chemical structure and functions make it a significant subject of investigation in the field of biomedical science.


The production process of sialic acid by fermentation typically involves the following steps: Strain Selection, Inoculation, Fermentation, Monitoring and Control, Harvesting, Purification, Concentration


Cognitive functions


Improvement of collagen I 



Sialic Acid has a wide range of applications in the fields of food, nutraceuticals and cosmetics, and is a natural ingredient that has attracted much attention.

自然堂燕窝酸 燕窝酸滴剂

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