How to choose dog food in ONE minute

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How to choose dog food in ONE minute

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Dogs are human’s friends&family members. The owner of dog are very seriously when they are choosing dog food.

Do you know how to choose dog food? Do you know how to judge the quality of dog food? Follow me, I’ll teach you how to choose right dog food in one minute.

Looking at the ingredients of dog food instead of the brand. To a certain degree, the ingredients reflect the price.

1.Ranking of ingredients

Generally, the top ingredients are the main raw materials, which account for the largest proportion.  So, comparing the ingredients of the top ingredients is a good way to distinguish the value of the dog food.


In the DJ appraisal principle, dog food with sugar will not pass the test, because they think that although dogs like sugar as humans, but sugar is only an unnutritive high-calorie intake. So, when you choose dog food, you need pay attention to sugar.


Nature preservatives are healthier than synthetic preservative.

You can see Vitamin-E, citric acid, rosemary extract , those ingredients are nature preservatives.

More and more manufactures are appeal to use rosemary extract as preservatives.

What’s more some people bathe the dog with rosemary water.

The rosemary is often used by humans as pet insect repellents. It can help repel fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Rosemary as regard as the natural barrier for preventing insects in summer. The veterinarian also advised that hanging rosemary bags in the pet's nest is the easiest and safest way to help pets stay away from the troubles of parasites.

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