Flower with beauty and efficacy-- Hibiscus

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Flower with beauty and efficacy-- Hibiscus


Hibiscus (Hibicus sabdariffa Linn) also called roselle.


“ Luo shen” is a goddess in ancient Chinese myths and legends. It’s said that Luo Shen is a gorgeous girl. Hibiscus is translation from Luo Shen.

Hibiscus was awarded as flavor of the year, once became the hot sell product in the world.

Hibiscus was seen all over the world, such as Hibiscus tea,jam,drink and so on.

Hibiscus tea                       Hibiscus jam

Hibiscus drink                    Hibiscus extract



Anthocyanins ,which function is Anti-oxidation, are the main antioxidant active ingredients of hibiscus

Phenolic pigment as active ingredient in hibiscus, which plays an important role in lowering blood pressure and protecting the liver.

Hibiscus's unique nutritional value, health care and medicinal value determine that hibiscus has broad prospects for development and application. Whether it is used as a raw material for food development or as a medicinal health-care ingredient, it meets the modern people's pursuit of natural, green, and health-care requirements.

With the rapid development of world's economy and the gradual improvement of people's material living standards, Hibiscus-related products will receive more and more attention and attract more and more attention.

Therefore, it is necessary to vigorously develop the Hibiscus industry, improve the Hibiscus planting products and quality, develop Hibiscus-related products through multiple channels, and speed up the industrial development path to further promote the development of hibiscus.


We look forward to working with you to develop cost effective products and long term relationships with mutual benefit.

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