Application examples of rosemary

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Application examples of rosemary

02The application of rosemary extract in the preservation of meat products

Because of its high fat content and rich nutrition, meat products are prone to oxidation and microbial contamination during processing and storage, which not only reduces the nutritional and sensory quality of the product, but even causes food-borne diseases. In recent years, scholars at home and abroad have conducted a lot of research on the application of rosemary extract in the preservation of meat products. Relevant studies have confirmed that the addition of rosemary powder, extract or essential oil can effectively inhibit the formation of thiobarbituric acid reactant (TBARS), hexanal and other lipid oxidation products during storage of meat and meat products, and effectively inhibit The protein oxidizes and better maintains the sensory quality of the product, and has a good color protection effect.

In addition, the flavored products are also sufficient for the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and rotting bacteria on the surface of meat products during the inhibitory process. For example, Zhang et al. found that the addition of 1% (V/W) rosemary extract has a good preservation effect on fresh chicken. The total number of bacterial colonies, lactic acid bacteria, enterobacteria and pseudomonas on the surface of chicken samples in the rosemary extract treatment group The number of colonies of the genus is lower than that of the blank control group. Rosemary extract can also be used in combination with other processing techniques to enhance its freshness preservation effect. For example, Huang et al. found that the addition of 2.5% and 5.0% (W/W) rosemary extract in the process of supercritical CO2 treatment of meat emulsion can effectively reduce the total number of colonies, pH, and volatile basic nitrogen (TVB-N) during storage. ) And other physical and chemical indicators, its effect is better than that of supercritical CO2 treatment alone.

According to the literature:

1. The amount of rosemary ethanol extract added to pork balls is about 1%-1.5%. The addition of rosemary extract can effectively inhibit the increase in MDA content of pork balls during storage, and can better maintain the product Sensory qualities.

2. The amount of rosemary essential oil added to chicken breast is about 2%. The addition of 2% rosemary essential oil combined with vacuum packaging can inhibit lactic acid bacteria and patina in chicken breast samples during storage (4°C, 16 days). Number of monospores

3. The use amount of rosemary extract in chicken is about 0.02%, which can effectively inhibit the increase of TBARS content in the sample during storage (4°C, 21 days), and its effect is similar to 00.01% BHT.

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