Why is Echinacea Purpurea still so popular? Are they irreplaceable?

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Why is Echinacea Purpurea still so popular? Are they irreplaceable?

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Echinacea is a particularly effective herb for preventing and treating influenza

We know that if you get the flu, the self-healing time is generally 7 days, and if you take echinacea preparations in the initial stage, the course of the disease can be shortened to about 3-4 days. This is very spiritual.

Echinacea is a good immune booster and immune modulator

Echinacea is known as an "immune enhancer" and is widely used in various infectious diseases and immune diseases such as bronchial asthma, genital herpes, cancer and AIDS; used to promote wound healing and other skin diseases; used in the immunity of patients with radiotherapy and chemotherapy Regulation, adjuvant treatment of leukopenia caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the effect is very good.

Echinacea has a good anti-inflammatory effect

For common colds and trauma, flu and colds, polyarthritis, pertussis and upper respiratory tract infections in children, pediatric otitis media, tuberculosis, gynecological infectious diseases, urinary system infections, tracheitis, tonsillitis, eczema, allergic diseases, chronic prostatitis , Warts, psoriasis, candidiasis, chronic skin ulcers and chronic osteomyelitis, etc., all have varying degrees of curative effect.

Furthermore, Echinacea products are safe to take

There is no more powerful evidence than epidemiological investigations: in more than 10 million courses of treatment, less than 100 serious side effects occurred. In other words, the incidence of side effects was less than one in 100,000. Some experts pointed out that it is safe to take it even to a 6-month-old baby. Today, when talking about the side effects of drugs, the safety of echinacea is also a major factor in its widespread popularity.

In summary, Echinacea is currently recognized as the best antiviral botanical medicine in the world, and it has no side effects, so of course theyre irreplaceable.

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