Two Embedding Technology Makes Rosemary Extract Dissolved Well in Water

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Two Embedding Technology Makes Rosemary Extract Dissolved Well in Water

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The antioxidant capacity of rosemary extracts is based on their content of phenolic diterpenes which are fat soluble, notably carnosic acid and carnosol.These diterpines can be further oxidized on exposure to elevated temperatures, however their capability to prevent oxidation is maintained. The oxidation products formed are active and can protect oils during frying and have carryover activity into the fried goods.

With the increasing application of rosemary extracts as natural antioxidants in food, there is an increasing demand for rosemary extracts that are both water-soluble and oil-soluble in the market. Chinese manufacturers have developed and produced water-soluble carnosic acid, which has been recognized and highly praised by European customers. According to the opinion of Professor Cao from the Food Institute of South China Agricultural University, the embedding technology is usually used to make the oil-soluble carnosic acid powder soluble in water. Usually there are two types of embedding technology, one is solid-liquid embedding technology, and the other is liquid-liquid embedding technology.

Solid-Liquid Embedding.

Due to the poor fluidity of Tween, a film will be formed on the surface in contact with the material, which can easily lead to incomplete embedding and the appearance of insoluble substances similar to black particles, which can be completely dissolved and completely embedded after sufficient homogenization. It’s recommended to use a rubber mill or a ball mill for high-speed homogenization.

Liquid-Liquid Embedding

First dissolve carnosic acid powder with a small amount of absolute ethanol, and then drop the solution into Tween and stir evenly. The ethanol residue can be recovered and removed under reduced pressure after finished the embedding process.

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