The Fifth Edition of World Food Safety Day, this year's theme is "Safer Food, Healthier".

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Today, the fifth Edition of World Food Safety Day, this year's theme is "Safer Food, Healthier".

According to the 2022 Children's Food Industry Research Report, 84.8% of parents tend to buy food labeled "child" for their children.

So are there any additives in children's food? Is children's food truly safe and harmless for infants and children?

Safety Boundaries for Children's Food Additives

"Food additives, according to the definition of the Food Safety Law, refer to some natural or synthetic substances added to food, which meet the needs of preservative, preservation, improvement of food properties and flavor during food processing and transportation and storage, and bring convenience to human life."

From the perspective of food quality safety and management, China only has food standards for infants and young children (0-36 months): Larger infants and young children can use vanillin, ethyl vanillin and vanilla bean extract in the formula video, the maximum dosage is 5mg/100mL, 5mg/100ml, respectively, And according to the production needs of the appropriate amount of use.

The national standards do not clearly stipulate the food for children after the age of 3, and are produced and managed in accordance with ordinary food standards. That is to say, the so-called "children's food" over 3 years old is no different from that of adults in the use of additives, and many products under the banner of "children's food". More like a marketing ploy.P.s. Food additives often carry a black pot on illegal additives illegal additives are not the same as food additives

For example, melamine, dyed steamed buns. Melamine is not a food additive at all, and is used in milk powder as an "illegal additive". The latter is that the merchant illegally uses the food additive "lemon yellow" on the food variety of steamed buns, which is an over-range use of food additives, which is also illegal.

Although the use of food additives according to regulations is legal and safe, children's metabolic organs have not yet matured, and some food additives will still be harmful to the healthy growth of children in the case of long-term large intake.

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