The Best Time in One Day to Take NMN

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The Best Time in One Day to Take NMN

Aging is a topic everyone wants to avoid. If there is a spell that can hold down the pause button for the path of life, leave your body and slow down the aging of your body's functions, would you want this kind of spell? NMN is that kind of spell. In daily life, NMN has the functions of relieving the decline of human organs, improving immunity, and preventing metabolic diseases. The actual effect of this kind of anti-aging of NMN is best known as "anti-aging medicine". How to take NMN to maximize its efficacy? The effect of NMN is to delay aging by filling NAD in the body. If you want to maximize the effect of NMN, you must carry out the filling of NMN according to the metabolic status of the body's NAD.

According to the molecular biology survey report, everyone found that the NAD metabolism level in somatic cells will reach its peak every afternoon. At this opportunity, NAD will be filled and NMN will be used to maximize the use of NAD by somatic cells.

According to the calculation of NAD activity, the following results can be obtained: Taking NMN in the morning in the physical model of young people only increases the mean SIRT1 by 3.9%. There is basically no improvement in the physical model of the elderly (0.5%). What is even more exaggerated is that the highest value SIRT1 in the elderly physical model has an attenuation coefficient of 7.9%. Taking NMN in the evening, the actual effect is only half of that in the afternoon. The greater activity of SIRT1 in young people is only 10.8% enhanced, and the greater improvement in the elderly is only 5.7%. Taking NMN at noon (six hours after waking up), the greater activity of SIRT1 in young people's body may increase by 36%, with an average increase of 7.5%, and the elderly greatly increase by 14.2%, with an average increase of 5.6%. Comprehensive test data information, get advice on taking: Based on the individual's own schedule, taking NMN 6 hours after waking up can maximize the efficacy of NMN.

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