The Application of Macleaya cordata Extract

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The Application of Macleaya cordata Extract

Macleaya cordata Extract is a good plant-derived insecticide, a good plant-derived antibiotic, a good plant-derived growth promoter, and a good plant-derived immune modifier. It is much stronger than general chemical pesticides. It is washed away after a few rains, there is no residue, and almost all insects can be killed. It belongs to the category of green plant pesticides.

Macleaya cordata Extract use for Animal husbandry :Macleaya cordata Extract is a veterinary feed additive with broad-spectrum heat-clearing, detoxifying, swelling, anti-bacterial, anti-virus and anti-inflammatory.


Macleaya cordata Extract use for Livestock and poultry breeding :The veterinary Macleaya cordata extract has the effects of clearing away heat, detoxifying and reducing swelling, anti-bacterial, anti-virus and anti-inflammatory.

Used for the treatment of various livestock influenza, upper respiratory tract infections, pneumonia, swine pneumonia, digestive tract infections, infectious gastroenteritis, diarrheal dysentery, piglet white scour, yellow diarrhea, high fever diseases, viral infections, fowl cholera, chickens White diarrhea and so on.

Growth-promoting effects of feed additives:Sanguinarine, the main component of Macleaya cordata extract, can inhibit cholinease activity, has hygroscopic overflow, and has diuretic effects, and has anti-allergic and sympathetic effects (Federico Bianco et al., 206).

Macleaya cordata and its extracts also have the effect of inhibiting the deenzyme of animal medicine root back. Drata (1996) believes that through this effect, it regulates tryptophan-5-pantryptamine and other pathways, and increases the growth of animals. Feed intake. However, Lenfeld et al. (1981) believed that the combination of these two effects of QBA contained in Macleaya cordata was the reason why it improved the growth performance of animals.QBA may have an antibacterial effect through contact and contact, thereby reducing the rate of weaning piglets and improving health, which may improve animal performance.

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