Tart Cherry Extract‘s function and cautions

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What is Tart Cherry Extract?

Tart cherry extract is a dietary supplement made from tart cherries, commonly known as tart cherries or tart cherries. It is processed from fresh vegetables, tart cherry juice, turned into a liquid with a stabilizer, concentrated in powder or capsule form.

Uses of tart cherry extract

Tart cherries naturally contain a variety of compounds that our bodies use to function optimally. Studies have shown the effectiveness of tart cherries in several areas.

Relieves muscle pain

Runners who take tart cherry extract or cherry powder have fewer muscle soreness after the race, they recover faster and have less chance of injury.

Arthritis and gout

Early studies have shown that tart cherries can lower uric acid in the blood, with mixed results. Taking tart cherry extract daily has the potential to prevent emergencies and improve quality of life by improving flexibility and reducing pain.


A chemical called anthocyanins and bioflavonoids that help with arthritis and gout can also reduce inflammation caused by other diseases, thereby reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Barbara Shukit Hale et al. found that Montmorency Tart Cherry Powder contains a large number of acid polyphenols that help effectively reduce the effects of inflammatory and oxidative stress on the body.

Antioxidant properties

This phytochemical is also powerful for making tart cherries appear bright red in color as an antioxidant. Tart cherries are also rich in vitamins A, C and E, which are also antioxidants. By preventing oxidation and free radical production, tart cherries can preserve and improve brain function and may even slow down the effects of aging.

Improves sleep

Any health expert will tell you that continuous sleep is at the heart of a healthy life. Tart cherries contain melatonin to help regulate our body's circadian rhythms (Glyn Howatson et al., 2011). Taking tart cherry extract in the morning and evening can increase sleep by 90 minutes and help maintain a quiet, undisturbed sleep pattern!

Tart cherry extract with tart cherry juice concentrate

Tart cherries are liquid concentrates, but many people find this not tasty. Some varieties may have been sweetened to make them drinkable, but these should be avoided because of their high sugar content.

Tart cherry extract in powder or capsule form will give you all the benefits without a bad taste.

Security Considerations

Tart cherries are considered safe for most people and do not have any known drug interactions. There has been no research into its safety in healthy people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, so if that's the case, don't take supplements and just eat normal amounts of cherries.

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