Sugar For Boosting Immune System

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Sugar For Boosting Immune System

Sugar is the main cause for obesity. However, the U.S. FDA team’s researching on sugar gets the conclusion that eating sugar can cause obesity is not found. The reason is: each tablespoon of sugar contains 16 calories, and each tablespoon of butter or other fat food contains 100 calories, so eating sugar is not the cause.

For this concept, nutritional soft candy has come into people’s life. The nutritional candy which can not only provide a good taste but also satisfied people’s everyday nutrition requirements. For example, it supplements vitamin C, calcium, and some kinds of microelements. As the increasing demands, echinacea jelly which can boost immune system has entered everyone's life. Echinacea jelly is made by adding Echinacea extract during its production process.

The origin of echinacea is in North America and South of Cananda. In Indiana words is “healthy supergrass”. Through modern technology, the stems and leaves of the above-ground part are extracted to get the Echinacea extract. The echinacea extract is rich of cichoric acid.

Scientists have shown that cichoric acid can increase immune function and anti-inflammatory. Associate Professor, Department of General Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine, counted 10 clinical research articles showed that echinacea can reduce the severity and duration of upper respiratory tract infections by 25 %-35%, 20%-40%, (that is, 2-4 days) the general influenza self-healing time is 7 days; at the initial infected stage, using echinacea can shorten the self-healing time to about 3 days. Scientists in Europe have found that taking 3 months of echinacea, the incidence of colds will be reduced by 66%.

In daily life, people can eat some echinacea candy to boost the immune system. At the same time, to take some capsules and tablets which added echinacea extracts is also can increase immune.

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