Market Situation of Bone &Joint Health

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Market Situation of Bone &Joint Health

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According to data from the World Health Organization, there are more than 120 million people suffering from arthritis in China, and more than half of people over 60 are suffering from osteoarthritis. Recently, China Business Data Center (CBNData), in collaboration with Ali Health and Calqi, released the "Bone and Joint Health White Paper" to gain insights into national bone and joint problems and online bone and joint care consumption trends.

Protection of Bone & Joint is urgent.

With the continuous improvement of national health awareness, physical health has become the most important issue for the people. Among many health problems, bone and joint problems, which are easily overlooked, have quietly ranked among the top ten problems. According to the survey, 13% of respondents have been diagnosed with bone and joint problems, and bone and joint health cannot be ignored.

Most people with Bone & Joint problem have an active attitude of caring , but 9% of the people still do not pay attention to them, They think that Bone & Joint problem is just a small problem caused by fatigue. Although they know the Bone & Joint problem need to be treated, they don't know the correct way to maintain them. Only 20% of the interviewees knew that amino sugar and chondroitin were effective health supplements, while 63% of the interviewees mistakenly thought it was caused by bone calcium deficiency.

Bone & Joint problems is closely related to living habits and climate. Investigations and studies have found that long-term sitting in the office, rainy seasons, and cold weather in winter are the most common manifestations of Bone & Joint problems. Among them, the waist, knees and neck are the three most prone to joint discomfort.

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