Manufacturing method of quercetin

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Manufacturing method of quercetin

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The preparation methods of quercetin include extraction and separation, acid hydrolysis, enzymatic transformation, etc., of which enzymatic transformation is the most practical.

Natural extraction and separation

Since the concentration of quercetin in plants is only parts  per  thousand to parts per million, and extraction and separation are difficult and costly, it is not practical to extract quercetin directly from plants. But in the analysis, identification of flavonoids or preparation of pure samples for analysis, quercetin extraction and separation technology should be used.

Acid hydrolysis

The rutin (rutin) of quercetin is widely distributed in nature, and the content is high, such as the content of Sophora japonica up to more than 20%. Rutin is first extracted from Sophora japonica, and quercetin is produced after acid hydrolysis. This method is feasible in production.

The extraction methods of rutin mainly include alkaline extraction and acid precipitation, organic solvent extraction, and dipping. Among them, alkaline extraction and acid precipitation is the most practical. Select the 0.05% NaOH solution to boil for 20 minutes, filter while it is hot, and extract 4 times in the same way to obtain an alkali aqueous solution of rutin, add acid to make it precipitate, filter and then add acid to hydrolyze to obtain water-insoluble quercetin, filter , Washed with water and dried to obtain quercetin solid.

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