Lotus Plumule Extract

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Lotus Plumule Extract

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Lotus Plumule Extract uses lotus seed Nelumnbomucifera G. young leaves and radicle as raw materials, and the extract is usually standardized for total alkaloids. The seed of Lotus is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine blindly, with the effects of clearing the heart, lowering fire, lowering blood pressure and strengthening the heart. Pharmacological studies in recent years have shown that alkaloids in Lotus Plumule Extract have the effects of lowering blood pressure and anti-arrhythmia, and have broad clinical applications. Moreover, lotus seed heart resources are abundant in China, which is of great development value.

Pharmacological action for Lotus Plumule Extract

1. Antihypertensive effect: alkaloids have antihypertensive effect, and liensinine has a short-term antihypertensive effect. After being transformed into a quaternary ammonium salt, the antihypertensive effect is significantly enhanced and the action time is prolonged. Neferine has a hypotensive effect on rats with normal blood pressure, deoxycorticosterone acetate (DOCA) salt-induced hypertension and renal hypertension after a larger dose of 6mg/kg intravenously. At a smaller dose of 2mg/kg, it can also significantly reduce blood pressure in rats. The mechanism of action may be through inhibiting the contraction of vascular smooth muscle in accordance with internal calcium, thereby expanding the peripheral blood vessels to produce a lasting antihypertensive effect.

2. Anti-arrhythmic effect: Neferine, liensinine, isoliensinine and liensinine have anti-arrhythmic effects. Neferine can inhibit Purkinje fiber, slow down the conduction, change the single-phase block of Purkinje fiber to biphasic block, and eliminate the arrhythmia caused by the impulse of reentry. Liensinine has an effect on the action potential of the slow response of the myocardium and the slow response internal current.

3. Effect on platelet aggregation: Neferine is a non-selective calcium antagonist, which can reduce the calcium release in smooth muscle cells and macrophages caused by ET-1.

4. Effect on hemodynamics: The effect of different doses of liensin total alkali on rat hemodynamics has shown that after intravenous injection of liensin total alkali in rats, arterial systolic and diastolic blood pressure, left ventricular systolic blood pressure, left ventricular systolic blood pressure, left ventricular systolic blood pressure, The maximum rate of increase and decrease of chamber pressure decreased rapidly. As the dose increased from 0.5, 1.0 to 1.5 mg, the amplitude of the decrease increased and the duration prolonged. The anti-myocardial ischemia test showed that the total alkali of liensin can be reduced (P<0.05). Experiments also show that liensinine has a stronger effect on hemodynamics than neferine.

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