Health supplements are gradually becoming "snacks"

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Health supplements are gradually becoming "snacks"

Edited by Aimee

Market for functional gummies

Functional gums mostly contain raw materials for health care products, claiming to achieve the effects of card control, beauty, sleep aid, soothing nerves, and vitamin supplementation, so that they can have both good taste and health.

Candy itself is a kind of good feeling food, and the main healthy formula and "health care" effect of functional soft candy, so it soon became the object of their pursuit.

Under the broad market space, the new consumer brand entrepreneurs have also seen opportunities. A number of new functional food brands such as BUFFX, Nelo, joliyoyo, wonderlab, and Super Zero have begun to emerge.

At the same time, many nutrition and health care products giants have also launched corresponding functional gummy products. For example, Amway's small n series lutein ester gum and vitamin C gum, Tomson's leaf cherry vitamin C gum, collagen gum, DHA gum and so on.

We look forward to working with you to develop cost effective products and long term relationships with mutual benefit.

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