Health Industrial Development

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With the implementation of the "13th Five-Year Plan" proposals, "Healthy China" has been upgraded to a national strategy. The big health industry is now a new growth point for social and economic development. Medical care is the maintenance of people's health, to maintain people's physical fitness, in addition to post-illness treatment, the usual health care work is more important.

In recent years, the health awareness of Chinese residents has been continuously enhanced, the people's health care needs will be released, and China's nutrition and health food industry will usher in huge growth space. But at present, China's residents are still facing overweight, obesity and other health problems caused by over-eating, on the other hand There are also many people who lack nutrients due to unreasonable dietary structure, such as calcium, iron, vitamins and so on. For people with a lack of nutrients, in addition to changing the dietary structure, reasonable supplementation of artificial nutrients is also chosen by more and more people.

Regarding the nutrition and health care product category, pharmaceutical market researchers believe that Chinese herbal extracts have become the direction of health food innovation. At present, the export of traditional Chinese medicine in the Chinese medicine market has increased greater than that of Western medicine, and the export growth rate of extracts of Traditional Chinese medicine is far greater than that of thousands of finished Chinese medicine materials, and the transformation of Traditional Chinese medicine exports from raw material processing to extracts is not only the development direction of China's nutrition and health food, but also It is a necessary change to conform to the development situation of the international health industry.

However, for a long time, the safety of Chinese herbal medicines has been repeatedly criticized in the international market, and the ginkgo biloba extract incident has highlighted the chaos in the industry, especially the lack of Chinese medicine extraction standards and strict restrictions The health of the industry flourished. However, Chinese herbal extracts are made into nutritional health care products, which can easily avoid safety drawbacks, and their quality is relatively easy to control, and it is also popular in the international market.

Moreover, since the China Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce formulated and issued the first batch of international business standards for traditional Chinese medicine extracts in 2013, Chinese medicine extracts have become more standardized for the industry and have also played a good role in promoting the development of the industry. At the same time, comparing Chinese herbal medicines and proprietary Chinese medicines, nutritional health foods made of traditional Chinese medicine extracts are suitable for Fan Guoguang, which is convenient for stabilizing quality and efficacy. In addition to the essential nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals, the health products industry has become a fast-growing category in this field.

Therefore, the development of health food with Chinese medicine extracts as the formula raw material is an important economic growth point for the development of China's (guide to the development and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, and also the development of China's big health industry under the "Healthy China" strategy.

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