Gummy candy products are popular among young people

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Gummy candy products are popular among young people

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Following the popularity of new health-preserving products such as "Chinese medicine coffee", "Chinese wolfberry beer", and "Stay Up Water", young consumers have switched to buying jelly candy products. Gummy candy products firmly capture the youth through three aspects: a high-value appearance that fits the trend of young people’s “facial worship”, precise insight into young people’s unmet needs, and psychologically greatly reducing the burden on young people. Human needs.

According to industry insiders, with the unprecedented improvement of contemporary young people's awareness of health preservation, and the existence of contemporary people's real pain points such as "staying up late", "overwork" and "insomnia", gummy candy products satisfy young people's yearning for a better and healthy life. At the same time, soft candies with candy properties are appearing in a form closer to snacks, and health foods are being snacked, providing young people with a convenient and interesting way of ingesting snacks.

With the gradual expansion of the functional food market, many functional food start-up brands have risen against the trend. A number of new functional food brands such as BUFFX, Nelo, joliyoyo, wonderlab, and Super Zero began to emerge. At the same time, many nutrition and health food giants have also launched corresponding products. For example, Amway's small n series, like lutein ester gum and vitamin C gum, By-Health's leaf cherry vitamin C gum, collagen gum, DHA gum and so on.

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