Giant Knotweed Extract Market Overview

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Giant Knotweed Extract Market Overview

Giant Knotweed is root of popularly known herb Japanese knotweed. The dried roots of giant knotweed are used as effective medicine since centuries. This plant is native to Asian countries such as China, and Japan, Korea. After digging and removing fibrous roots are cleaned and chopped into thick slices, then dried in the sun, and used raw or fresh for extract preparation.

Giant knotweed contains trans-resveratrol a useful chemical generally extracted from grapes. Japanese knotweed contains very high amounts of trans-resveratrol, the active form of this compound is most useful to the human body. Thus, it is quickly becoming the preferred source of resveratrol and market demand is growing rapidly. Giant knotweed extract also is useful in cardiovascular, nervous system, and liver function support

Giant knotweed rhizome extract market is segmented on the basis of its applications into pharmaceutical or herbal medicine. As giant knotweed extract is known since ancient times and is used as effective herbal medicine, market demand from natural and herbal medicine is higher. Increasing awareness about giant knotweed extract as source of high concentrations of trans-resveratrol. Thus, market demand from pharmaceutical application is growing continuously.

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