Feed additives replace antibiotics - Echinacea purpurea extract

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Feed additives replace antibiotics - Echinacea purpurea extract

Edited by Aimee

According to US reports, echinacea is one of the top ten best-selling natural medicinal plants (human medicine) in the US market. Echinacea can effectively prevent and treat various chronic and acute infections caused by any type of bacteria or viruses, especially feed echinacea purpurea relative products on early stage. In the treatment of severe or critical illness, echinacea can be used as an auxiliary medicine to support other treatments. For example, in Europe, echinacea is used as an adjuvant drug for chemotherapy of cancer patients. According to research, echinacea also has a strong boosting effect on the human immune system, including: increasing the activity and number of various immune cells, such as white blood cells, T4 helper cells and spleen cells; stimulating immune cells to secrete tumor necrosis factor and other immune factors. Therefore, Echinacea can strengthen the body's resistance to various invading pathogens or toxins. Echinacea and its preparations are widely used to treat common colds, coughs, bronchitis, tonsillitis, abdominal pain, toothache, upper respiratory tract infections, viral infections, skin infections and chronic diseases caused by immune deficiency. It is worth noting that echinacea has radiation protection. It can effectively promote the bone marrow to produce white blood cells, thereby protecting the human immune system from X-ray or radiotherapy radiation. It is also expected to become a very promising anticancer drug. It is currently being studied for AIDS.

Animal health

In veterinary medicine, related experiments have shown that feeding horses with echinacea can increase the phagocytic ability of neutrophils and the number of peripheral lymphocytes, and effectively stimulate the immune activity of horses. Plant extracts act as a blood tonic for horses. It can increase the number of hemoglobin, the number of red blood cells and some physiological and training indicators. Feeding chickens with echinacea root products as feed additives can significantly increase the weight of the experimental group and reduce the infection of coccidia.

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