Examples of common applications of dandelion extract in the U.S. market

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Examples of common applications of dandelion extract in the U.S. market

By Nickole

Dandelion is a weed that can be seen everywhere, but it is also a kind of nutrient-rich and excellent function of medicine and food. Dandelion is rich in vitamins, mineral and dietary fiber. It is an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K. It also contains vitamin E, folic acid and a small amount of other B vitamins, as well as minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. The roots of dandelion are rich in soluble fiber, which can support the growth and maintenance of healthy flora in the intestine. In addition, dandelion also contains a high level of antioxidantβ-carotene, which can provide strong protection for the human body, prevent cell damage and oxidative stress, and is useful for blood sugar and blood pressure management, immune regulation, liver health, weight loss, skin and bone health. Dandelion is a very popular functional herbal material in the American market, and it can be found in various functional foods and beverages.

A. Support intestinal health
Dandelion root is a rich source of prebiotic fiber inulin. Studies have shown that inulin has a strong ability to help digestion and increase intestinal peristalsis.

Ice cream brand Enlightened has launched a series of fruit-flavored functional popsicles. The pineapple-flavored version adds dandelion root, turmeric root, ginger root and other herbal teas commonly used in herbal teas to support digestion, which is positioned to support intestinal health.

LION organic tea is a natural and organic functional herbal tea with dandelion as the main ingredient. The main ingredients are organic dandelion leaves, organic dandelion roots, and wild dandelion flowers, which help intestinal health.

B Boost immunity
Studies have found that dandelion extract can reduce the ability of the virus to replicate, and some active compounds in dandelion can prevent the invasion of harmful bacteria.

Numi healthy tea uses valerian, echinacea, elderberry, dandelion root, burdock root and other functional ingredients to help strengthen immunity.

C. Hangover and protect liver
Animal studies have found that dandelion has a protective effect on liver tissue under toxic substances and stress, which can reduce the level of excess fat stored in the liver and protect liver tissue from oxidative stress.

Nature's Way Dandelion root capsules help lower cholesterol and protect the liver.

D Maintain normal blood sugar levels
Cichoric acid and chlorogenic acid are two biologically active compounds in dandelion. Studies have shown that these compounds can improve the secretion of insulin in the pancreas and at the same time improve the absorption of glucose by muscle tissue, thereby reducing blood sugar levels.

HERBAMAMA Dandelion root tincture helps maintain normal blood sugar levels and regulate immunity

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