Efficacy and function of Aronia berry anthocyanins

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Efficacy and function of Aronia berry anthocyanins

1. Delay aging

Aronia Berry anthocyanin is a natural antioxidant component, its antioxidant capacity is particularly strong, the human body absorbs this substance, can reduce the occurrence of oxidation reactions in the body, and can clean up the free radicals produced in the body and improve the activity of the body's tissue cells, often eat wild cherry berries containing Aronia Berry anthocyanin can play an important role in delaying aging and prolonging life.

2. Prevent vision loss

Aronia Berry anthocyanin has a very positive effect on the human eye, it can promote the production of rhodopsin in the retina of human eyes, and can prevent the oxidation reaction of the eye and can promote eye development, he often appears in humans, dry eyes, astringent eyes, eye fatigue and vision decline, have a certain preventive effect, in addition to often eat wild cherry pills can also prevent cataracts and glaucoma, it has very obvious benefits for maintaining human eye health.

3. Protect the skin

Aronia Berry anthocyanins on human skin also have a significant protective effect, the human body absorbs this anthocyanin can improve the activity of elastin and collagenase in the body, these two enzymes can directly act on human skin cells, can make people's skin elasticity increase, and can make people's skin become smooth and delicate, can reduce wrinkles to prevent skin aging, in addition, Aronia Berry anthocyanin can also repair damaged skin cells can improve the skin's sun protection ability.

4. Prevent cancer

Aronia Berry anthocyanin is a natural anti-cancer component, it can prevent the production of carcinogens in the human body, and can remove free radicals with carcinogenic tendencies in the human body, it has to improve the activity of human tissue cells, prevent cancer viruses from harming human cells, can fundamentally prevent cell cancer, regular consumption can make cancer incidence significantly reduced, its anti-cancer effect is particularly outstanding.

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