Efficacy and application of Centella extract in cosmetics

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Efficacy and application of Centella extract in cosmetics

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In recent years, Centella extract has been widely used in skin care products with obvious effects. Asiaticoside (Ad) and madecassoside (Md) are the main components of the triterpene saponins of Centella asiatica extract. At present, it is used clinically to treat surgical operations, burns, wounds and scars. It is a natural plant active ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties. Scientific research has proved that the active ingredients of Centella asiatica can stimulate the production of type I and type III collagen and reorganize the extracellular matrix of the dermis.

Centella asiatica extract is a popular raw material for various cosmetics and one of the most popular functional daily chemical raw materials abroad. Active ingredients, efficacy and applications are as below:

Total Glycosides of Centella Asiatica Efficacy: anti-inflammatory, soothing, anti-acne, acne treatment, scar repair, anti-irritation and other properties. It can effectively get rid of old dead angle lipid layer, promote skin metabolism, increase skin elasticity and smoothness. Application: treatment of acne and acne; improvement of sensitive skin, repair and care after sun; anti-wrinkle and anti-aging; regulation of inflammation and keratin.

Asiaticoside Efficacy: Regulate epidermal homeostasis, balance the renewal and differentiation of keratinocytes, reorganize the extracellular matrix of the dermis, and promote the synthesis of type I and type II collagen. Application: Improve sensitive skin, can be used for skin repair, promote wound healing, scar repair. Has good anti-wrinkle performance.

Madecassoside Efficacy: It can repair skin wound healing and heal skin damage, repair skin aging caused by inflammation and enhance skin elasticity, and has moisturizing and soothing effects. Application: antibacterial, whitening. It can be used in the development of care products and whitening products.

Centella asiatica TECA Efficacy: Improve microcirculation by strengthening the blood vessel wall, and at the same time help reduce edema. Application: Improve microcirculation, reduce and prevent stretch marks, anti-aging.

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