Double holiday celebration held in office

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            Double holiday celebration held in office

June 1, 2022 is a children's day close to the traditional Chinese festival "Dragon Boat Festival", which coincides with the addition of fresh blood and faces to our team, thus in the office we held a colorful double festival, and a happy reunion of the vitality team.

The evens are divided into three parts, the first part our staffs are divided into four groups to compete dancing. Each group has chosen a spot to practice the most trending “Love you” by Cindy Wang.

Followed by the key link tradition - handmade sachets and Easter egg competition, the group which win both parts have received the big rewards our HR prepared for the holiday.

and finally organized a large-scale game kill the wolf, and distributed Dragon Boat Festival gifts, red envelopes, Children's Day refreshments and so on. Throughout the event, everyone praised the new members' dance, cheered for the funny moves, invested in the present moment in the handmade, inferred in the wonderful logic of the werewolf killing, cheered for the winning team... They have all become the only most beautiful memory photos in the world, permanently sealed.


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