Coix Seed Extract

Latin name: Coix lacryma jobI l.var.mayuen (roman.) Stapf
Type: coix seed extract
Active ingredients: Coixenolide, coixenol
Extraction part: seed kernel
Extract specification: 10:1
Extraction type: solvent extraction
Extraction solvent: water
Appearance: quasi white fine powder
Grade: Food grade
Main applications: food, health products, and cosmetics
Packaging: 25kg/drum (D35cm*H51cm) with inner polyethylene bag
Country of origin: Mainland China
Brand name: World-way.net
ratio extraction:
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  • coixenolide

  • 长沙世唯


Coix (Coix lacryma-jobi Linné. var. mayuen Stapf), also called adlay or pearl barley, is a grain-bearing perennial plant belonging to the grass family Poaceae. The grain is used as a source of food, drugs, and ornamentation, and the seed is used as a traditional Chinese medicine. Most traditional Chinese medical regimens are combinations of various ingredients, including from plant and animal sources. In contrast, coix seed is often used as a single source drug. It has been reported that coix seed contains coixenolide, and coixol, and it has traditionally been used to treat disorders such as cancer, as well as warts and skin pigmentation.



  • anticancer
  • Regulation of lipid metabolism

    Regulating glucose metabolism coix seed polysaccharide A, B, C are the main hypoglycemic active ingredients in coix seed, and the effect is positively correlated with the concentration, of which coix seed polysaccharide a has more obvious effect

  • Modulating immunity

  • Regulation of intestinal flora

  • Reduce blood pressure

  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory





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