Cichoric acid and it's purfication process

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Echinacea is currently widely valued by the international community as an immune promoter and immunomodulant, its extract and preparation sales in the United States pharmaceutical market ranked in the top 5. At present, Echinacea in China's Beijing, Shanghai and Changsha and other places have been successfully introduced. Cichoric acid is a coffee acid derivative that enhances immune function, anti-inflammatory effects, and inhibits hyalurogen acidase and protects collagen III. from the effects of freelances that can lead to degradation. Recent studies have also shown that chrysanthemum acid has the effect of inhibiting HIV-1 and HIV-1 integration enzymes. The report on chrysanthemum acid research is mainly limited to the detection of chrysanthemum acid composition in medicinal herbs and preparations, and chrysanthemum acid in echinacea is mentioned at first in the preparation of chrysanthemum acid control products using high-efficiency liquid chromatography. The content of chrysanthemum acid in the initial mention is very low, and although the preparation chromatography can obtain high purity chrysanthemum acid, but the equipment requirements are high, not easy to enlarge, at present can only produce control products. Therefore, this experiment studies the process of extracting purified chrysanthemum acid from echinacea, which provides the basis for the industrial production of chrysanthemum acid.  Echinacea chrysanthemum acid extraction purification process is: take a certain amount of Echinacea root powder, with 15 times 40% ethanol solution at 90 °C heating reflow extraction 3 times, each time for 2 h, combined filter, concentrated to the original liquid accumulation of 1/10, recycled ethanol, filtered, obtained water Solution at 2 BV/h flow rate upper column bed volume (BV) for 30 mL AB18 resin column, after adsorption, with deionized water washed to the outflow of liquid metacolor, and then washed away with 50% ethanol solution, ethanol wasting liquid concentrate steamed dry, can get chrysanthemum acid coarse. Crude soluble in water, with 6 mol /L hydrochloric acid pH 3, ethyl acetate extracted 4 times, the extract concentrate steamed dry products. It is feasible to extract purified chrysanthemum acid from Echinacea root by using ethanol aqueous solution extraction, AB18 resin adsorption and ethyl acetate extraction method. The process is simple to operate, convenient, low cost, suitable for industrial production, the production of chrysanthemum acid can be used as a pharmaceutical raw material or added to health food.


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