Bromelain Industry Application

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Bromelain Industry Application

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Bromelain is a pure natural plant protease extracted from the stems, leaves, and skins of pineapple fruit, and obtained through a series of biological techniques such as refining, purification, concentration, enzyme immobilization, and freeze-drying. The appearance is light gray or light-yellow powder. Because it is a natural, non-toxic, hygienic and safe protease, it is widely used in food, cosmetics, medicine and biological industries.

Industry application:

Application in the food industry:

1. Baked food: Bromelain is added to the dough to improve the taste and quality of biscuits and bread.

2. Cheese: used for the coagulation of casein.

3. Tenderization of meat: It can hydrolyze the large-molecule protein of meat protein into small-molecule amino acids and proteins that are easy to absorb, improving the taste and absorption.

Application in the pharmaceutical industry:

1. Inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

2. Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

3. It is used for scab removal of burns, which is conducive to skin formation and healing.

4. Effectively treat inflammation and edema, and activate the potential of inflammatory response.

5. Treat diarrhea.

6. Promote drug absorption and improve curative effect. It can also promote the absorption of nutrients and improve the conversion of nutrients.

Application in the cosmetics industry:

Promote skin metabolism, skin rejuvenation and whitening.

Application in feed:

Adding to feed improves the utilization and conversion rate of nutrients and reduces feed costs.

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