After the COVID-19 people know how strong the immunity is!

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After the COVID-19 people know how strong the immunity is!

The COVID-19 has made everybody panic and began to pay attention to the importance of daily protection and the immunity.

However, what is immunity? Why can it fight the virus?
Immunity is the body's own defense mechanism. It can identify and eliminate any foreign objects (viruses, bacteria, etc.) that invade from the outside,
as well as the ability to identify and process mutant cells and virus-infected cells in the body, so as to protect the body from viruses, bacteria, and pollution things and disease attacks.
Therefore, the best way to resist the disease is to strengthen the body's immunity. Then, how should we improve immunity?

First of all, staying up late will greatly damage our immunity. Keeping a healthy routine is the prerequisite to ensure that the body is full of vitality.

So people need 7.5 hours of sleep (5 sleep cycles) every night to maintain the optimal immune function.
Secondly, you can enhance the immune system by taking supplements with immune-enhancing ingredients (for example, elderberry extract, echinacea purpurea extract, honeysuckle extract, etc.)  to enhance the function of the immune system and improve the body's resistance.

Among immune health care products, since the echinacea purpurea extract has antiviral and good immune regulation effects,

health care products containing echinacea purpurea extract components are especially popular during the period of new coronary pneumonia.

Echinacea purpurea extract is widely used in the United States and Europe. It is generally considered to have an immune-enhancing effect,

which contains a variety of active ingredients that can stimulate the vitality of immune cells such as white blood cells in the body and improve the body's own immunity.

Finally, emotions affect our endocrine status. Bad emotions such as stress and tension may cause nervous system disorders, so as leading to low immunity.

While the peaceful emotions can smooth the blood flow, and also help improve immunity.

Above are some suggestions and methods for reference, hope everyone has a healthy body!

We look forward to working with you to develop cost effective products and long term relationships with mutual benefit.

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