About the magical effects of echinacea

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About the magical effects of echinacea

Echinacea is original of North America and southern Canada. It is called “magical herbs” in Indiana words. The application of echinacea can be traced back more than 200 years ago. It’s about 200 years for Indiana use Echinacea as traditional herbal medicine, and it’s widely spread use when the beginning of 17th’s the Colonial movement.. In 1891, the first medical essay of Echinacea published by US Dr. Webster. In 1989, it was listed in Germany 2000 common prescription. Rank 131, Echinacea extract as the immune adjustment and immune promoter.

At present, most of the applications of Echinacea purpurea focus on the application of cichoric acid. People get the cichoric acid from Echinacea purpurea extract. For the cichoric acid , it can enhance immune function and anti-inflammatory effect. There are various capsules, tablets, and essential oils designed for adults and children.

However, it is little known that echinacea can resist snake venom. In the 1970s, the famous German doctor Meyer was accidentally bitten by a snake while practicing medicine in North America. An Indian folds the stems and leaves of the echinacea, and put the echinacea juice on the affected area, quickly restraining the snake venom. The swelling disappeared, and his consciousness regained clarity.

What’s the magic of the echinacea ? Studies have shown that echinacea contains caffeic acid. It is because caffeic acid treat the snake venom. At a dose of 3 micrograms of caffeic acid, it can completely inhibit 20 micrograms of rattlesnake venom phosphodiesterase. Using modern technology, we can get the echinacea extract. Echinacea extract contains cichoric acid, polyphenols and caffeic acid. The current research is mainly focused on the application of cichoric acid, polyphenols. The caffeic acid is still not very extensive, hope it would be more and more widely used in the future.

Do you know the magical effect of echinacea which can treat snake venom?

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